Aquí os dejo la presentación del taller de plugins de la WordCamp Spain 2010 que se celebró el pasado 11 de diciembre en Barcelona. Muchas gracias a todos por asistir, ya que fue la última del día y ya estábamos todos muy cansados 🙂

¡Espero que os inspire para vuestros primeros plugins! 😀

5 comentarios sobre “Mi charla en la WordCamp Spain 2010: Taller de plugins

  1. I’d vote no for email replies it’s a nice faeutre but w/o per user control (even via a cookie) it could get annoying for some You could put up a disclaimer in the comment box or something to warn people (not that most READ any type of disclaimer/signage/instructions.However, if you kept it on, it wouldn’t bug me because I’d probably just use my less instantly notified / gmail account for commenting.I can see it being a huge benefit for those who are looking for tech support in one of your plugin threads. I guess it would mostly depend on who provides most of your comments/replies and if it would benefit them.Wow that was quite a circular response so in summary, I guess I don’t know! 🙂

    Me gusta

  2. Hi Yoav,I was at your talk on RTL and it was really great! Nice work.Did you post your sldies and notes online? I would like to do a short talk on RTL at my local WordPress meetup next week, and would love to use some of your examples and point to the links you mentioned (especially the CSS tool to generate the rtl.css file).Thanks!

    Me gusta

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